Age of Hell – Alpha Demo

Age of Hell is an awesome GZDoom powered first person shooter that’s squarely aimed at fans of the classic DOOM games and sees you blasting and smashing your way through the hordes of Hell.

After starting life as a DOOM mod, Age of Hell is now expanding into a full standalone game. It’s powered by the GZDoom engine, so it does play very much like DOOM and even has similar enemy types, but it feels very much like an evolution of id’s classic shooter rather than a copycat.

The demo build of Age of Hell features one large level that takes around 30 minutes to play through and is brutally tough even in the easier difficulty levels. There’s a nice selection of weaponry, most of which has alternate fire modes that do some serious damage. There are also some handy power-ups and you can grab an almighty big hammer that’s useful for cracking skulls and ringing bells to activate doors.

Visually Age of Hell is very impressive, with highly detailed sprite-work, beefy guns and lots of on-screen carnage. The level design is also satisfyingly complex, with lots to discover and some large open spaces filled with demons to slay. It’s clearly a game made by DOOM fans for DOOM fans, with plenty of old school run ‘n gun thrills and difficulty levels that’ll challenge even the most hardcore DOOM players. Highly recommended.

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Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Age of Hell Alpha Demo Here (Windows)