Age of Hell – Beta Demo

Age of Hell is a GZDoom powered retro RPG where a Crusader with a mighty hammer beats back the hordes of Hell.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago, Age of Hell is an epic DOOM inspired FPS created by veterans of the DOOM modding community. The latest release features a very large (and totally new) level and a wide array of graphical and gameplay upgrades.

There’s a nice selection of weaponry, but perhaps the most important is your hammer, which is much more fleshed out than the previous build, complete with brutal combos, a throw ability and the ability to deflect enemy projectiles. The level design is very impressive, with large open areas that give a real feeling of grandeur. Meanwhile the gameplay is very much DOOM inspired with lots of demons attacking en-masse.

It does seem to have a few performance issues (that will likely be fixed), and it would be nice if the hammer had a little larger splash damage, but it’s an impressive game that’s certain to appeal to hardcore DOOM fans. If you enjoy a bit of large-scale demon slaughter you’ll have a hell of a time in Age of Hell!

Download The Age of Hell Beta Demo Here (Windows)