Agent A – Beta Demo

Agent A is a slick and stylish point and click puzzle adventure where you take on the role of a suave secret agent who’s attempting to hunt down a dangerous assassin.

In Agent A your spy agency has tasked you with tracking down a deadly enemy spy called Ruby La Rouge. Your investigations have led you to her hideout, but she’s trapped you in there – you’ll need to find some way to circumnavigate her security systems and continue your pursuit.

Agent A is technically a point and click adventure, but it’s much more focused on puzzles than the likes of a classic Lucasarts adventure. The full game will feature more locations, but the demo build all takes place in Ruby La Rude’s high tech house, which is essentially one massive puzzle box that you’re trapped inside. You can escape by just solving a few of the puzzles, but there are also lots of optional (and often tougher) ones which reward you a triangular puzzle piece for your efforts.

It’s a very well crafted puzzle adventure, with a great art style, a fun secret agent premise and a very intuitive UI. Crucially, the puzzles are all very inventive and well designed, requiring logic and a keen eye for detail to solve them. A super spy adventure with a licence to puzzle.

Note: When you open the glass doors it’ll be the end of the demo so complete any optional puzzles you want to before then.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Agent A Beta Demo Here (Windows)