Aggelos – Alpha Demo


Aggelos, a game being created by Story Bird and Wonderboy Bobi, is a gorgeous throwback to classic Action RPG games that focus on killing enemies, leveling up and saving the princess from the clutches of evil.

Your role as the protagonist in Aggelos is simple. Take your sword, stab some bad guys and save the Princess for the Evil Lord Vammer. To save the princess you must get stronger, must learn new skills and powers to aid you in your quests. The road ahead wont be easy, but where’s the real fun in something that is simply easy, am I right?

Aggelos is one of those games that will hook you in from your first sword swing. It’s extremely heavy on the action combat, but throws in a nice amount of RPG elements to keep you enthralled with the game. Each level increases your overall strength and defense, making it easier to kill those pesky bears and slimes.

Aggelos is littered with treasure chest that contain some amazing power ups, new skills and spells and all kinds of odds and ends that will help you progress through the game and also give you new ways to dispatch your enemies. There are also temple like structures/ruins hidden throughout the world that have extra powerful enemies to face, but the rewards for defeating them are too good to pass up. Will you brave the dangerous land of Minilands to save the Princess and become the hero you’ve always dreamed of being?

Download The Aggelos Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)

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