Agony of a Dying MMO – Alpha Demo

Agony of a Dying MMO is a narrative-driven horror game played via the perspective of different long-time players of a toxic MMO that’s about to be shut down.

The story of Agony of a Dying MMO takes place within the final few hours of an MMO that’s about to be shut down forever. The MMO was once popular and garnered a large and diverse player base, but a few years ago the developers added Nazis as a playable faction and things went downhill fast. It fractured the community, attracted some of the worst types of players and made for a very toxic environment. Many long term players stayed, but it was the beginning of the end for the MMO.

In the game you experience the final few hours of the MMO from a variety of different players’ viewpoints. There are four factions (Resistance, Nazis, Furries and Cenobites), and the people you meet all have different personalities – some will open up about their deepest thoughts, some will be friendly and some will just be obnoxious or hurl insults. They’re all coming to grips with the loss of their online world and many are still harboring hope of finding a fabled NPC called Adam – who is said to grant anyone who finds him ultimate power in the game.

It’s an incredible experience exploring Agony of a Dying MMO’s doomed online world. The retro styled visuals are very effective and it’s got a great sense of atmosphere, but it’s the people that you meet that really make the game. They’re all very well written and voice acted, feeling very much like the best and worst sorts of people you’d meet on a real MMO. For better or for worse they’ve dedicated a massive chunk of their time to this game. They’ve built, shared, fought, loved and hated, and now all of their characters that they’ve poured so much time into are about to be wiped out in a mass genocide.

Sure, there are LOTS of truly terrible people in Agony of a Dying MMO’s world, but the purge will take a lot of good ones with them too. The least you can do is experience it with them. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Agony of a Dying MMO Alpha Demo Here (Windows)