Ahmmit’s Gate – Student Game Download

Ahmmit’s Gate is a fun little reverse horror stealth action game where you control a wall-crawling monster that feeds off fear as it sneaks through a museum in search of its missing eggs.

In Ahmmit’s Gate you take control of a blind monster from ancient Egypt whose eggs have been stolen and placed on display in a museum. You now need to sneak through the museum, avoiding guards, security lights and laser beams in search of your eggs. You’re blind but you can see using echolocation and your health is constantly dropping, but thankfully you feed off the fear from the guards.

Taking around 10 minutes to play though, it’s a fun little slice of security guard murdering stealth action. Your freaky little wall-crawling monster has some nifty abilities and there’s a big satisfaction to be has from pouncing on unsuspecting security guards. See if you can save your eggs from those nasty humans!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Ahmmit’s Gate Here (Windows)