AHSS: The Evil Room – Game Jam Build Download


AHSS: The Evil Room, a quirky room escape puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 37, has you trying to escape from your bedroom after installing a ridiculously hi tech security system.

You figured you’d beef up the security system in your house, installing the AHSS (Advanced Home Security System). This new system automatically locks your door, requiring the intruder to solve a series of tests, just to break into your house.  But, unfortunately you’ve managed to lock yourself inside, so now you’ll have to solve all of these puzzles just to get out of your own home!

Each test takes a bit of guess work before you will understand what to do. The security system’s screen will give you some unexplained instruction and you can interact with it via the door. If you really struggle with anything, you can turn to your computer for a hint. The door changes as different puzzles are introduced, and there are lights that give you an indication of how many puzzles are left before you can finally leave your house.

AHSS: The Evil Room impresses with its great voice acting, inventive challenging puzzles, and fun premise. We’ve all managed to lock ourselves out of a house before but it’s well worth locking yourself into this one!

Download AHSS – The Evil Room Here (Win Only)