AiliA – Alpha Demo

AiliA is a very inventive puzzle platforming adventure where you use the reflections in mirrors to alter the game world and allow you to progress.

In AiliA you follow the adventure of a young girl called Ailia as she uses reflections in mirrors to help find her way home. It’s entirely mouse controlled, with you dragging around the mirrors and you clicking where you’d like Ailia to move. Ailia can walk on reflections of platforms so you need to shift the mirrors to facilitate this and allow her to reach the end of each level.

The current build of AiliA is very much a work in progress, with lots of placeholder art and pretty basic visuals, but the core concept and the creativity of the puzzle design is fantastic. It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on as it has a lot of potential within its strange mirrored world.

Download The AiliA Alpha Demo Here (Windows)