Ailuri – Alpha Demo

Ailuri is a beautifully animated hand drawn action platforming adventure where an adorable little red panda makes their way through a world filled with rare species that are endangered due to the destruction of their environment.

In Ailuri you take control of an incredibly cute little red panda called Ailuri and embark on an epic platforming adventure through a beautiful hand drawn world. Your aim is to rescue endangered species and restore balance to a world which is being devastated by mechanical monstrosities.

On your adventure you’ll travel through four unique world maps, solve puzzles and battle bosses. Ailuri is quite agile and has the ability to grapple, swing, throw and climb through the game’s large multi-routle levels that are filled with interesting things to discover.

The swinging mechanics could do with a little more precision, but other than that Ailuri is a very promising game. The level design is excellent, Ailuri is absolutely adorable, it has a great message behind it and the artwork is beautiful. A cute and charming platforming adventure with a lot of heart.

Download The Ailuri Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)