Air Brawl – Alpha Demo

Air Brawl 2

Air Brawl – the acrobatic arcade dogfighting sim with Ghibli-esque visuals and Mario Kart-style OTT weaponry is now on Kickstarter, complete with a new and improved Multiplayer Alpha Demo.

We first covered Air Brawl last June and found it to be a blast.  With agile aircraft and well designed maps that encourage low flying and squeezing through tight gaps.  The new Alpha Demo offers up a host of improvements, including new aircraft and even more crazy weaponry – including the batapult and the anti-aircraft anchor.

Whether you’re swooping through alleyways or blasting opponents out of the skies, Air Brawl is consistently fast, frantic and fun.  Delightful dogfighting. 

Watch a video of it in action HERE

Visit the Kickstarter page HERE

Download the Air Brawl Alpha Demo HERE