Air Brawl – Alpha Download

air brawl game

Air Brawl is a fun blend of Studio Ghibli-esque steampunk visuals, acrobatic arcade dogfighting, Mario Kart multiplayer madness and OTT weaponry that we first featured in June last year.  It’s now entered it’s Alpha stage of development and the devs have released a huge update, with vastly upgraded visuals and loads of new aircraft and weaponry.

Now featuring five rather far-out aircraft, including the biplane-styled ‘Fatbird’, the longboat-themed ‘Viking’ and the Tron-esque ‘Cyber Priest’.  These craft come equiped with a variety of crazy OTT weaponry, which you can select for your load-out, such as the Battapult, Swarm Missiles and a comically large hammer.

The aircraft all control like a dream, able to turn on a dime and squeeze through the tiniest of gaps.  Whether you’re swooping through alleyways or blasting opponents out of the skies, Air Brawl is consistently fast, frantic and fun.  Delightful dogfighting.

Watch a video of it in action HERE

Download the Air Brawl Alpha HERE