Air Brawl – Open Alpha

Air Brawl 2

Air Brawl is entering it’s third open play test, this time you’ll be able to take to the beautiful Ghibli-esque skies for some fast paced dog-fighting action until the end of July.

As we said back in June, Air Brawl is a fun fast paced aircraft combat game with responsive controls and agile aircraft, with a focus on combat and racing through the skies and streets of well crafted levels that reward risk and skilful flying.

Even in these early stages of development, the game looks wonderful and the aircraft handle perfectly, with tight and responsive flight controls that allow your plane to fly through the smallest of gaps.  Gameplay is fast paced and fun, with great level design that rewards low flying – especially when trying to shake off an opponent that’s attempting to blow you out of the skies with some of the games inventive weaponry.

This months play test features a variety of graphical improvements and the introduction of 2 new weapons – the flak cannon and the Batapult (a catapult that fires bats).  The game-mode for this play test will be capture the flag, controls are pretty self explanatory, Mouse & W,A,S,D control movement, with the mouse buttons firing primary and secondary weapons, SHIFT for afterburners, space activating secondary and ‘F’ to use your special ability.

This playtest is not under any NDA, and you’re encouraged to spread the word about the game and make videos, just bear in mind it is still very early in development.  The Devs are very keen to hear any feedback, so please either leave comments below or e-mail:

Visit the IndieDB page HERE

Watch a video of it in action HERE

Download the Alpha for Windows HERE or Mac HERE (extract the files so that the exe and the _data files are in the same folder.  Play Test ends at the end of July)

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