AirKnight alpha Stage1-1_1883-1977

Air Knight is an excellent side scrolling arcade shooter that really takes advantage of it’s wonderful voxel based graphics.  Unfortunatley it has already been cancelled, and all that is left of it is an Alpha build.

The Alpha build plays really well, has Xbox 360 controller support, a catchy retro soundtrack, power-ups and the ability to blow up any terrain or enemies into a tiny voxels.

It’s a real shame the game has been cancelled as the levels in the Alpha build are great fun to play, and it’s great fun smashing everything into a spray of voxels.  Air Knight still has a Greenlight page though, so if the game gets enough interest maybe the dev (RetroSouls) will think about restarting the project.  It’s worth visiting the RetroSouls website anyway, as they have lots of great free retro styled games that did reach completion, including the excellent 8-Bit Knight.

Visit the Steam Greenlight page HERE

Check out the RetroSouls Website for more great, free games HERE

Download the Alpha HERE


    • Yeah, it’s a real shame. The levels in the Alpha show great promise! Maybe the dev will re-visit it in the future if we pester him enough! :)

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