Airhead – Alpha Demo

Airhead is a stylish Limbo/Inside-esque 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure where a headless body and an inflatable head-like organism work together to make their way through a strange alien world.

In Airhead you control an agile little creature with no head as they make their way through a sprawling metroidvania style open world. You’re pretty functional without a heat – able to jump, climb, swing, push/pull objects and pick up things. However, it’s not long until you come across a strange head-shaped creature which you can use to float into the air, but need to keep in inflating with air to keep alive.

The demo build of Airhead features a sizable chunk of gameplay and serves as a great introduction to Airhead’s strange world and its unique headsploration puzzle platforming gameplay. It’s got a similar vibe to Limbo and Inside, but the inflatable head mechanics and the fact that the world is much more open, makes for a very different experience.

Aside from being able to float up in the air when you inflate it with helium, the head can be a bit of a hindrance. You carry it in your arms so you’re unable to climb, pull or pick up other objects while you have it with you, and you need to keep on inflating it to keep it alive. It would be nice if your head had a few more uses as at the moment it can feel like an unnecessary hindrance, making your life much harder, but not really offering much in the way of benefits. That said, it does allow for some very inventive puzzle design and floating through the air is pretty cool.

It’s a well crafted puzzle platforming adventure with creative puzzle design, an interesting game world and a beautiful visual style. It’s fun learning more about the environment and the strange creatures that inhabit it. Just don’t leave your head lying around or they’ll steal it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Airhead Alpha Demo Here (Steam)