Airscape: The Fall Of Gravity – Alpha Demo (Steam)


Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is a charming action platformer about an octopus in a dangerous world that has some serious issues with the fundamental laws of gravity.

Captured from its underwater home by a mechanical alien race, you must journey through a strange and disorienting environment where gravity follows the contours of the land and blobs of water float suspended in the air.

The Alpha demo includes the first two zones of the game, including six levels and the prologue, and offers up some well crafted gravity-defying platforming fun, as well as some very cool swimming elements (you are an octopus after all!).  As every piece of land in the game has it’s own gravity, you’re able to jump Super Mario Galaxy-style from landmass to landmass.  It’s a fun mechanic that’s used well, especially once the floating water masses are brought into play.

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is shaping up to be an excellent platformer, fully of joy, charm and innovative level design.  8 legs of awesome.

Visit the Official Website HERE

Download the Alpha Demo, free through Steam HERE (It’s not fully optimised yet, so even powerful PC’s may have to turn the graphical settings down)