AirShips: Conquer The Skies – Alpha Key Giveaway


Airships: Conquer The Skies is a cool steampunk real time strategy game that allows you to custom build your own airship and take to the skies for destructive and chaotic fights

Building an Airship is an easy and fun experience, allowing you to build all manner of weird ad wonderful flying contraptions.  You can build anything you like, very easilly, but a bit of thought and strategic thinking is needed to create a true flying fortress of maximum destruction.

Once you’ve built your ship, the single player campaign allows you to fly from town to town on the world map battling airships and ground defences.  There’s also an excellent multiplayer which allows players to pit their creations against each other, with the last ship standing crowned the victor.

The combat is a satisfying experience, with destructable terrain and airships crumbiling under barrages of artillery.  Battles are little like FTL, but with a little more chaos and a lot more destruction.  The wonderful balance of creative building and sweet pixelated destruction makes Airships a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Visit the Airships Steam Greenlight page and vote for it HERE (They still need plenty of votes!)

Visit the Official Webisite and purchase Airships for just $5 HERE

We have 20 Airships Alpha Keys for Airships to give away!  Simply leave a comment below, the first 20 comments win keys!

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  1. this game kinda reminds me of guns of icarus but people also said that was pretty similar to FTL, either way im interested

  2. If there is any keys left, I would be greatly appreciative to receive one. Thanks for the opportunity

  3. doubt there’s any left but hey, would totally love a key. Enjoy playing early builds of games, especially the buggy/glitchy kind that makes things interesting. Plus, I like showing that stuff on our terrible youtube channel.

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