AKUMA NO AKUMU: AR EQ-KUA ER SETA is a stylish side scrolling shoot ‘em up/action platforming hybrid that rewards risk as you pilot a hover-board that you can jump off and on any time you like.

In AKUMA NO AKUMU you control a feline looking blue monster lady as she travels into dreams and attempts to blast them into the waking world. The controls are responsive, the pixel art is fantastic and the way you can jump on and off your hover-board, essentially switching shoot ‘em up and action platforming gameplay on the fly, is very cool. However, it’s the game’s innovative scoring system that really makes it a must play…

AKUMA NO AKUMU has a complex scoring system that requires you to experiment with the game world to discover how it works. The easiest way through the game is just to stay on the hover-board and play the game like a side-scrolling shooter, but you’ll only earn a fraction of the possible amount of points this way.

There’s a multitude of different ways that you can interact with the environment and enemies to earn more points, most of which require you to jump on and off the hover-board. For instance, you earn more for shooting enemies from the board and then hopping off the board to finish them off, you can smash statues in the background by jumping near them and there are glowing rings that you can only activate while you’re off the board.

There’s a big risk/reward element to the scoring system, as it can distract you from enemy attacks and you’re far less mobile when off the board. This essentially allows you to dynamically make the game as hard or as easy as you like for yourself by deciding which points you’ll chase and which you won’t bother with.

It only features one level at the moment but even in these early stages of development AKUMA NO AKUMU is a blast to play. The art and audio design are fantastic, the fusion of shoot ‘em up and action platforming is very well implemented and the risk/reward scoring system is a fantastic idea that we’d love to see used in more games. Retro side scrolling shooter fun that’s full of great ideas. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: Download link temporarily unavailable while we look into security issues

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