Akurra – Alpha Demo

Akurra is a very cleverly crafted puzzle adventure that plays like if Zelda was a block pushing puzzle game as you explore a mysterious archipelago of islands that are jam packed full of secrets.

Drawing inspiration from classics like Chip’s Challenge, Star Tropics and Zelda, Akurra takes the Sokoban style block pushing genre to a whole new level. Exploring the islands feels a little like a Zelda game, with a large open world full with vibrant pixel art visuals, but it’s much more densely packed – with a huge amount of secrets to discover and screens often containing multiple puzzles.

The demo build of Akurra features a huge amount of content that can take well over an hour to play through and has lots of optional content to discover too. Every puzzle is very well crafted and although the gameplay is very different, there’s a touch of The Witness to the game design, with you learning the rules of the world as you play, experimenting and planning your routes through puzzles.

There’s a real sense of discovery as you explore Akurra’s beautiful retro styled islands, with each new screen full of new mysteries to unearth and inventive puzzles to solve. It’s a fascinating place to explore and by the time you finish the demo you’ll be yearning for more. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Akurra Alpha Demo Here (Steam)