Akuto: Mad World – Alpha Download

Akuto Mad World

Akuto: Mad World is a chaotic isometric combat game that plays like a little like Nidhogg, with fast paced gameplay with one hit kills and a high stakes gameplay where timing is everything.

Playable with up to four players (or single player against bots), Akuto: Mad World is a fast paced and action-filled arena combat game in which your goal is simple – kill as many of your opponents as possible.  Each player has a sword in one hand and a gun in the other (which shoots bullets the size of a cannon ball) and the ability to block attacks (which is just as important as attacking).

Getting hit by a sword causes instant death, but you can’t just run in spamming the attack button as a missed swing leaves you very vulnerable to attack.  This makes for a great blend of tactical and fast paced reflex-testing combat that will leave the bodies of careless warriors scattered across the battlefield.  Brutal, bloody, fast paced and skill based combat well worth checking out for some low poly multiplayer mayhem.

Note: If playing in single player vs bots, we’d recommend just playing against one until you get to grips with the combat or you’ll get slaughtered!

Check out the Akuto: Mad World Greenlight Page Here

Download the Akuto: Mad World Alpha Build Here