Alaska – Student Game Download

Alaska is a remarkably ambitious open world Wild West adventure where you use tracking and investigation skills to hunt down your brother’s killer.

Created by a group of students from the ArtFX School, in Alaska you take on the role of a former bounty hunter who is on the trail of a man called Enyeto, who stands accused of killing your brother. Your investigation will take you across a vast icy wilderness in Alaska, and it’ll be your investigation skills, rather than your fighting skill that will be most useful.

After a short tutorial area you’re sent out into a large open world area filled with different points of interest. In these places you can search for clues and then piece them together in your investigation mode, to help build up a story of what happened there.

It could perhaps do with a slightly easier way of finding clues, but even still Alaska is an incredibly impressive project. The visuals, polish, voice acting and world design are on par with mose AAA video games and the investigation mechanics are cleverly thought out. There’s a lot to discover in that icy Alaskan wilderness. Maybe you’ll even manage to track Enyeto down!

Download Alaska Here (Windows)