Alchemy Story – Alpha Demo

Alchemy Story is an adorable little farming sim where you grow and pick herbs, tend to animals and create potions in your quaint country home.

In Alchemy Story you take control of Arabella, a young apprentice alchemist who lives near a village that’s been struck with a dark magic which has turned all the other humans into animals. You must now tend to your farm, gather ingredients and create potions, with an aim of finding cures for the people in the village.

The gameplay and game world of Alchemy Story is very chilled out and carefree. There’s no real way to fail – you simply gather useful ingredients, craft potions and sell them for cash. You can then use the cash to purchase upgrades such as hatching eggs of expanding your garden plots.

Some of the food you gather can be fed to animals, chief of which is a groundhog which will plant and take care of crops for you if you feed it. Rather than sell your potions you can also just use them yourself, with them having a variety of different effects – from increasing your speed to temporarily growing cat ears.

It’s still early in development but it’s already a delight to spend some time in the cheerful little farm of Alchemy Story. It’s such a pleasant and charming place to spend time in as you potter about collecting herbs, tending crops and looking after your cute little animals. Any place where you can talk to animals and hatch cows from eggs is fine by us!

Download The Alchemy Story Alpha Demo Here (Windows)