Alder Choke – Beta Demo

Alder Choke is a very addictive and rage-inducingly tough boss rush action game set in a nightmarish forest filled with deadly monsters.

previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Alder Choke is a creepy and surreal boss rush action game that’s a bit like a blend of Titan Souls and Pang. In each level you have one boss to kill by shooting them with your gun. Honever, if a boss hits you a single time then you die, so timing and learning attack patterns is vital.

The Alder Choke demo features three unique bosses and has two different styles of fight – air and ground. In the battle where the boss is ground-based then you just need to dodge his attacks and shoot him (which is easier said than done). However, when fighting air-based bosses you also need to keep shooting them to keep them in the air – if they touch the ground then it’s game over.

How much you enjoy Alder Choke will probably depend on how high your pain threshold is as it’s a VERY tough game. Normal mortals will be able to beat the first boss with a little practice, but you’ll need some serious skills to conquer the other two. The gameplay is very addictive and you do improve little by little as you play. Meanwhile the pixel artwork is excellent and its surreal nightmarish world is very intriguing. Just be prepared to die a lot!

Download The Alder Choke Beta Demo Here (Steam)