Alder’s Blood – Kickstarter Demo

Alder’s Blood is a dark Victorian fantasy turn based tactical strategy game in which you lead a team of legendary monster hunters in a forsaken land filled with werewolves, mutants, vampires and ghosts.

Playing a little like X-Com, but set in a creepy Bloodborne-esque dark fantasy Victorian world, Alder’s Blood sees you commanding your team of monster hunters as they take on the thralls of darkness. Your overall goal is to track down the source of this darkness that’s ensnared the land, but to do so you’ll have to hunt down the Emissaries that roam the land. You send out your hunters on missions, capturing territory and learning resources in the process which can be used to purchase upgrades for your city and your hunters.

The missions take place in Hex-based maps and allow you to move and attack your enemies much like in X-Com, with a large difference that there is no RNG whatsoever – so your success or failure is always down you strategy, not luck. It also features a stamina system that can cause you to become out of breath during combat and a senses system in which the enemies can actually smell you – so you need to be aware of which way the wind is blowing.

It’s still early in development but Alder’s Blood really impresses with its easily accessible tactical combat, stylish artwork and a great sense of atmosphere. A dark and grimy tactical strategy game where luck won’t save you, superior tactics will.

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