Alexandria Library XYZ – Prototype

Alexandria Library XYZ is a noble endeavour which manages to do the impossible – it makes learning Trigonometry (and other mathematical theories) easy, interesting and fun!

Drawing inspiration from the lore of The Last Airbender and the dungeons of Zelda, the aim of Alexandria Library XYZ is to create a “Wizard School” where you learn undergraduate level physics and mathematics as you play. Each subject is broken down into a different type of “Magic” which you can learn as you cast spells as you make your way through the dungeons.

The current Alexandria Library XYZ prototype features a single dungeon which focuses on one of the most detested branches of mathematics – Trigonometry. As you make your way through the dungeon you use your “Magic Spells” to fill in the blanks on the various Trigonometric formula, lighting the torches that hang in the dungeon as you go. It takes around 10 minutes to play through and (surprisingly, considering the subject matter) remains interesting throughout and actually succeeds in teaching you the basics of Trigonometry (something many high school mathematics teachers have failed to do).

It’s still early in development, but the magic and mathematics based world of Alexandria Library XYZ shows a lot of promise. It genuinely manages to make learning interesting, with each new puzzle you solve teaching you more about the subject without ever feeling like a chore. Sure, you may be an apprentice magician, but the fact that this prototype actually makes learning Trigonometry fun is the real magic!

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