All About Balance – Game Jam Build

All About Balance is a creepy little hand drawn physic-based game where you balance things to keep an inner peace while the world falls apart outside.

Created for the Game Studio 1 game jam, All About Balance is an eerie little physics based puzzle game where you attempt to stack everyday objects to help them maintain a balance. In each level a certain object has to sit within the outline for a few seconds and you’ll need to stack objects underneath it to keep it there. This object balancing also helps you maintain your inner balance as what appears to be a zombie apocalypse ravages the world outside.

It’s a short, but well crafted little puzzler that does a great job of telling its story via the limited information you get about the outside world throughout the levels. Sitting inside a house and trying to find some inner peace while the world falls to pieces outside is also a pretty relatable concept in 2020!

Play All About Balance Here (Browser)