All Day Dying – Alpha Download

All Day Dying is an incredibly intense skill based run n’ gun first person shooter where you race through levels, blasting robots, earning multipliers, completing objectives and dying… a lot!

All Day Dying isn’t called “All Day Dying” for nothing. Even on its easiest setting it’s tough as nails and you’ll have to be a Gun-Fu ninja to complete even the first level on the harder difficulty settings. Don’t worry though – the whole point of All Day Dying is that you learn from your mistakes, learn optimal routes and commit your skills to muscle memory so that you do essentially turn into an ass kicking Gun-Fu ninja. However, it’s going to take a lot of time and a whole lot of deaths to get you there…

It’s hard to think of and other FPS that’s quite as intense as All Day Dying. You have very limited health so you need to be careful, but you also have very limited time so you have to be fast. On top of that, the levels are packed full of enemies and it’s not enough to just complete a level to move onto the next one, you have to complete it well – by completing specific objectives and earning bucket loads of points.

The current build of All Day Dying features a nice selection of levels, ranging from a moving train to a massive cathedral, all of which are packed full of robots to blast and even have hidden secrets to discover. Learning the best way to tackle the levels is akin to learning how to tackle levels in Hotline Miami – you’ll die a lot, but as you learn the levels you can feel yourself improving with each try.

It could do with a few tweaks here and there – the cooldown on the melee kick seems very long and the guns could do with being a tad more accurate – but on the whole All Day Dying is a blast. A fast, fun and action packed skill-based FPS that’ll either turn you into a Gun-Fu ninja or smash your keyboard as you die for the millionth time. Highly recommended.

Notes 1: Unless you’re Neo from the Matrix then we’d recommend going into the options menu and setting the difficulty to its easiest setting before you start.

Note 2: The level select pace has a scroll bar at the bottom (there are more levels to the right)

Note 3: To get over the first tricky jump in the tutorial level, run, slide then double jump.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The All Day Dying Alpha Here (Windows)