All Day Dying – Beta Demo

All Day Dying is a super fast paced first person shooter that focuses on muscle memory, speed-running and chaining together attacks as you shoot, kick and blast hordes of robots to smithereens.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha, All Day Dying is an intense, action packed first person shooter where speed and skill are essential. This latest build is a little less punishing than the Alpha and there also lots of little improvements, including better kick functionality, better feeling guns and the ability to rage boost. It’s still hard though (particularly the later levels) and requires a good amount of skill even on the easiest difficulty level.

You don’t just have to complete the levels in All Day Dying, you have to complete them WELL. Each level has six different objectives for you to complete which can then unlock more levels. These objectives can range from achieving a certain score to completing bonus shooting ranges or kicking a certain amount of enemies.

Each level is swarming with robotic enemies, but thankfully your guns (and your kicks) can do a great job of fending them off. Each gun has an alternate ability that can really help out too, such as your pistol’s teleport ability or the machine gun’s ability to slow down time.

There are lots of levels in the current build, all of which are great fun and require you to figure out the best routes through them. There is a bit of an issue with the levels that have large amounts of enemies to dispatch (Courtyard and Cathedral for example). You have a strict time limit so you can often find yourself searching for the few remaining enemies as the time runs out (the enemies don’t stay in one place, they all move around, so it can be hard to find them). This could be remedied by changing the win conditions so you only have to kill a certain amount of them.

Development of All Day Dying is certainly coming along very well. It’s a very impressive game with a great visual style and some wonderfully fast paced and visceral first person shooter gameplay. An intense FPS where you’re always on the move and always looking for the next enemy to gun down. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the All Day Dying Beta Demo Here (Windows)