All Good Bricks Go To Heaven – Game Jam Build

All Good Bricks Go To Heaven is an odd little physics based building game where you drink beer, listen to music and use bricks and mortar to build a tower to God.

In All Good Bricks Go To Heaven you are a reverend who has been tasked by his church to build a tower to God. To help with this you have a small plot of land, some mortar, a brick making machine, some beers and a radio that plays easy listening elevator music.

Building is simple – you just grab a brick, dip it in mortar, then attach it to the tower where it’ll stick instantly. It’s a long and thankless job building a tower to God though. Every now and again a postman will drop off a letter from your church, the majority of which criticise your craftsmanship or your slow speed.

There doesn’t really seem to be an end point of All Good Bricks Go To Heaven. You just build for as long as you like then give up (or you can go for a wander and be smited by a giant fist from God). It’s a fun little game though and building your tower brick by brick is an oddly therapeutic experience. Aside from the nasty letters from the church, it’s a pleasant place to hang out, drink a few beers and build. How tall will you build your tower?

Tip: You can stab planks of wood into the side of the tower to allow you to climb up it.

Download All Good Bricks Go To Heaven Here (Windows)