Allspace – Beta Download

Allspace is an easily accessible space dogfighting game that allows players to jump in for a multiplayer space battle that supports up to 100 players simultaneously.

There’s no purchasing ships and fine-tuning your loadouts in Allspace – you just load up the game and jump straight into an ongoing multiplayer space battle. More features are planned to be added, such as more maps, weapons and game modes, but at the moment Allspace is essentially a 100 player deathmatch that takes place in space around some a large spacestation. All players are on an even keel, using the same ships and the same weapons to try and blow each other out the sky – so success comes down to ability, not the amount of upgrades you’ve purchased.

It’s a fun game that is perfect for a quick hit of online multiplayer space combat. The way you can easily jump in and play makes it feel almost like an .io game (though a whole lot prettier) and it’s not often space combat games that everyone is on an even keel. Well worth checking out for a bit of dogfighting fun.

Download The Allspace Beta Here (Steam)

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  1. Its nice that they balanced out things for new players. Also its also nice that some things come down to outright ability. So pro players get to enjoy it as much as new players. Plus the scale of 90+ Allspace players seems awesome. But I wonder if you can barrel roll?

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