Alluvium – Game Jam Build

Alluvium is an intense, madness-fuelled pulp thriller point and click adventure that sees you fighting for your life after being shipwrecked on an island.

In Alluvium you find yourself alone on a desert island with only your wits and the remains of your wrecked airplane to keep you alive. You’ve got a source of fresh water, but food is in short supply and the local berries can cause hallucinations. You appear to be the last survivor of your crew and your only ‘company’ are vicious dogs that are very keen to make you their next meal. Things are pretty dire, but you still hold out hope of rescue, maybe a boat will come along…

Alluvium has some very dark twists throughout it’s 30 minute playtime and really impresses with its fantastic voice work and stylish pixel art visuals. Your resourceful survivor faces some pretty tough ordeals and things keep going from bad to worse for him. He really doesn’t have a great time on the island – at least Tom Hanks had Wilson to talk to!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Alluvium Here (Win, Mac & Linux)