Alone in the Dark – Prologue Download

Alone in the Dark is back with a pretty incredible looking reboot that returns to its 1920’s Louisiana roots as you unravel the terrifying mysteries of the Derceto Manor.

It’s no secret that Alone in the Dark went off the tracks with its later instalments (and the previous reboot), but everything about this one points to it being something special. It returns to the gothic American 1920’s of the original, complete with the characters from the original trilogy. What’s more, the story is being written by Mikael Hedberg (Amnesia and SOMA), the creatures are designed by Guy Davis (Pacific Rim, The Strain, The Shape of Water) and the casting has some real Hollywood firepower (which it’s best to enjoy in the reveal in the prologue).

The prologue is pretty short (around 15 minutes), and follows a creepy 11 year old girl as she goes above and beyond to help post a letter for her neighbor. It’s pretty linear and there’s no combat (which will be in the full game), but it’s a great introduction to the setting and the characters. It makes for a very cinematic experience and it does a great job of immersing in its eerie gothic American setting.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Alone in the Dark Prologue Here (Steam)