Alone in the Diner – Game Jam Build

Alone in the Diner is a dark little first person horror game where you wake up in a diner filled with ghosts who have deep regrets.

In Alone in the Diner you wake up at a table in a diner that at first glance seems to be deserted. However, you have a digital camera, which you can use to reveal dark shadowy ghost-like entities and listen to their thoughts. The “ghosts” are all unhappy and regretful, but one of them has some darker thoughts…

Taking around 5-10 minutes to play through, it’s a short and impactful little horror game that does a great job of weaving its dark story. The camera mechanics are a nice touch and the spooky diner setting works really well. A tasty little bite-sized diner horror game well worth taking a bite out of.

Check Out An Alone in the Diner Gameplay Video Here

Download Alone in the Diner Here (Browser)