Alpages: The Five Books – Prototype Download

alpages the five books

Alpages: The Five Books is a freaky survival horror game packed with terrifying scares and drop-dead gorgeous visuals (GIF above doesn’t do it justice).

In Alpages: The Five Books you’re tasked finding five books scattered across the beautifully rendered night-time countryside.  The catch?  Each time you collect a book you unleash another freaky supernatural being into the game.  These beings all have different abilities and characteristics, but they do all have one thing in common – they want you dead.

Still early in development, the level of detail in is staggering, the visual effects and local wildlife that roam the landscape make for a game that is as beautiful as it is frightening.  Seeing the silhouette of a stag dancing across the horizon as lighting cracks through the air is an amazing experience.  Also quite remarkable is how quickly this feeling of awe can turn into dread as the terrifying entities you unleash show up.

Alpages: The Five Books is a game that stuns you, both with beauty and with terror, making for a riveting experience from start to finish.  Highly Recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

UPDATE: Prototype No Longer Available

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