Alpha Beta Gamer Game of the Year Awards!


It may not of been the best year ever in the real world, but thanks to some wonderfully innovative developers we’ve enjoyed some some excellent games and figured what better way to celebrate them than with some awards! It was impossible to choose a single ‘game of the year’ so instead we’ve opted to divide them into a few categories that highlight some of our favorites! Hope you enjoyed them too, and hope you all have a fantastic new year!


Best Simulator
Winner: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) – For services to ragdoll mayhem
Honourable Mentions: Feral & KMF (Kill Marry Fish)

Coolest Style
Winner: Return of the Obra Dinn – For retro bullet time awesomeness
Honourable Mentions: The PedestrianVirginiaDon’t Kill HerCOLUMNAE & ZED

Biggest Twists
Winner: Three Twenty One – For…… we’d rather not tell you!
Honourable Mentions: ooOooOOOo & The House Abandon

Most Ridiculous Physics
Winner: Clustertruck – For its herds of stampeding trucks
Honourable Mentions: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) & Footbrawl Playground

Most Fun Gameplay Mechanic
Winner: Semblance – For it’s awesome deformable world
Honourable Mentions: Sticky BoyDYO & The Maitre D’

Best Innovation
Winner: Walkie Talkie – For being the worlds first Chatformer
Honourable Mentions: WindowframeSara Is Missing S.I.M. & Mainlining

Most Emotional Experience
Winner: Day By Day – For breaking our hearts
Honourable Mentions: HeartboundLily: Colors of Santa CruzWe All End Up AloneSouvenir & Hazy Days

Biggest Scares
Winner: Hello Neighbor – Form making us mistrust our neighbors
Honourable Mentions: The House Abandon & Home Sweet Home

Most Addictive Gameplay
Winner: Command of War – For it’s challenging trench based warfare
Honourable Mentions: Circle Empires & Cosmonator

Best Fan Game
Winner: No Mario’s Sky – Sadly Nintendo shut it down, now lives on as No DMCA’s Sky!
Honourable Mentions: Sonic UtopiaSonic Boll Classic & The Wit.nes

Funniest Game
Winner: Soviet Humor – For communist multiplayer hilarity
Honourable Mentions: The Captain & Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)


Obviously these awards are entirely subjective, and we’d love to hear some of your favorites. We’d also like to thank you all for joining us for a great year of gaming, wish you all the best for next year. Have a great one!

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