Alpha Version.0 – Alpha Demo

alpha version.0

Look out Megaman, here comes Megawoman! Alpha Version.0 is an excellent retro jump’n shoot action platformer being created by two die-hard fans of the Blue Bomber – after being continually disappointed by cancelled Megaman games.

As you’d expect, gameplay is fairly similar to the classic Megaman games , with the action focused on jumping and shooting.  As well as your blaster and the ability to jump and wall jump, you also have a rather handy shield, which you’ll definitely have to use if you want to last 5 minutes in this game.

The full game is planned to feature 8 stages, 6 upgradeable guns, 3 power weapons, upgradeable armor pieces, a built-in map editor and more. In a nice touch, each weapon is unique, with it’s own strengths and weaknesses, and each upgrade modifies the appearance, stats and shooting effects of the weapon.

Even in these early stages of development, it’s already the best Megaman release in years – Alpha Version.0 may not be a man, but she’s definitely mega!

Check out the Greenlight page HERE

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo HERE

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