Alter Army – Beta Download

Alter Army is a challenging side scrolling action platformer/beat ‘em up in which you battle hundreds of monsters and collect special crystals that allow you to live for a few more decades.

We first featured Alter Army during the closed Beta sign up and were impressed with its excellent pixel art animation that packs a lot of personality. The full game will feature four playable characters, each with their own unique play style and abilities, but the current Beta build allows you to get accustomed to one – a musician that will happily beat the crap out of monsters with his lute as he makes his way through the stylish pixel art game world.

In each level you need to collect an a series of orbs that will spawn a selection of monsters for you to slay before you can move on. It starts off fairly easy but the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly as more powerful monsters are introduced.

It’s still early in development, but Alter Army impresses with its fast paced beat ‘em up combat, interesting monster design and high quality pixel artwork. A tough little brawler well worth checking out for some monster bashing fun.

You Can Give Feedback On The Current Build Here

Download The Alter Army Beta Here (Windows)