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AlterCore is a ridiculously cool new Unreal Engine 4 powered cyberpunk hack and slash action game inspired by Devil May Cry and God of War that sees you playing a hyper evolved human who kicks copious amounts of ass on his way to uncover the secrets of a mysterious alien artefact.

The plot of AlterCore revolves around alien artefact which can evolve humans millennia at a time, heightening their senses and giving them vastly improved speed and strength (as well as a few other nifty super power-style abilities). You are one of these hyper evolved humans who is sent to investigate the alien artefact and to get to the bottom of the rumours that suggest the devil is coming to claim it.

As interesting as the story is, it’s pretty much irrelevant at the moment as the Tech Demo is all about the fast, fluid and spectacle filled combat. Taking place in two different enemy filled arenas, the current build serves as a combat demo to test out some of your badass moves. As well as increased speed, strength and agility you have a plethora of cool special moves, including the ability to summon lightning, spinning blades and even morph into a hyper evolved beast. It’s great fun hacking and slashing your way through the enemy hordes and the combat system shows great promise for the future.

Since the Devil May Cry franchise seems to be dead, God of War has grown up and the guys at PlatinumGames seem to of taken their eye off the ball recently, there’s a serious drought of good third person hack and slash games at the moment. Thankfully Altercore looks set to address this issue with lush visuals, a heavy dose of sci-fi and combat that’s so fast it’ll make your eyes bleed (while you make your enemies bleed!)

Note: For a full list of controls please read the GameInstructions.txt file that comes with the download.  To Spawn enemies press ‘Up’ on the D-pad.

Download The AlterCore Tech Demo Here (Control Pad Required)

8 thoughts on “AlterCore – Tech Demo”

  1. Unfortunately the download link doesn’t seem to have worked so far throughout today. Is there any other way to download or is there an issue with the download page itself?

    Thanks! :)

    • Yeah, sorry about that, the link went down due to too much traffic. We’ve got a new one up and running now though. :)

  2. Link works for me, just had to download a 7-zip to unpack the files. The game looks good so far, keep up the good work, didn’t see any enemies yet but im looking forward to playing!

    • Hey I found the instructions document and was able to spawn enemies, looks great so far!! Do you have an estimated date on proceeding updates?

      • Sorry no info on when the next update will be, but I do know he’s planning on adding air combos to the next build. :)

  3. Hey, hope all is well. I really liked playing your game, I also made a video on my channel for your game, I really hope you like it :)

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