AlterVerse – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Alterverse Steam key giveaway

AlterVerse is an ambitious virtual world and game creation platform that will be populated by many interconnected worlds, ranging from Sci-Fi to Medieval, where players will be able to meet up, go on adventures, complete quests and play sports and engage in exciting battles.

Playable on standard screens and VR (Vive currently and Rift in the next update), AlterVerse will be rolling out its various game worlds over the next year or so, with the the current one being a sci-fi themed world called “Disruption”. In Disruption players can explore massive spacecrafts in first person, socialise, play games of Draftball, team up and raid other players ships, go on quests and take part in epic multiplayer dogfights.

It’s still very early in development and has plenty of rough edges, but AlterVerse certainly has potential with its vast and varied game worlds that will offer up great ways to socialise, go on adventures and play games. It does work in non-VR, but VR is definitely recommended to get the most out of it and fully immerse yourself in its virtual worlds. It’ll be great to see how AlterVerse develops in the future, as more worlds and features are added to this massive multiverse experience.

We have 100 AlterVerse Steam Alpha Keys to giveaway! To enter, just carry out any of the actions in the widget below, any action earns an entry into the raffle. Please note that these keys are intended for testing purposes and the dev would very much like some feedback, which you can give here or here. Winners will be notified on Wednesday. Good luck!

You Can Find AlterVerse on Steam Here

AlterVerse – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!