Altitude Sickness – Game Jam Build

Altitude Sickness is a fun little ragdoll platformer where you can clamber over the frozen bodies of previous climbers as you attempt to reach an icy mountain peak.

In Altitude Sickness you control a floppy ragdoll mountain climber who has ventured out onto an icy mountain with little in the way of mountain climbing equipment. You do have one handy trick up your sleeve though – you can press the spacebar to instantly freeze yourself where you are standing, allowing you to climb over yourself in your next life.

Altitude Sickness is very much a rough game jam prototype at the moment, but it’s a fun little game. The lack of rigidity of the bodies does get a little frustrating when attempting to build larger structures but it’s a fun concept that shows a lot of promise. A body stacking platformer well worth building on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Altitude Sickness Here (Windows or Browser)