Altruist Project – Game Jam Build

Altruist Project is a very atmospheric top-down maze puzzler where you sacrifice people and objects as you attempt to make your way to the exit of a deadly trap-filled maze, much like in the Cube movies.

In the Altruist Project you take control of a randomly selected character who wakes up in a randomly generated maze that’s filled with deadly Cube-style insta-kill traps. Your aim is to make it to the exit, but if you step inside an activated trap room then your character will die.

If you search around you can find other characters to add to your crew. These crew-members effectively act as lives – if you send one into a trap room and they die then the trap will be deactivated and the rest of your team will be able to continue. Some characters will also carry useful items such as flares or stones, which can be thrown into rooms to test them out (though they’re single use so you’ll want to use them wisely).

Due to the nature of the game your chances of success can be a little random, but as you play you do start to learn some useful strategies to increase your odds. It’s an addictive game with a great sense of atmosphere and a delightfully dark premise. Will you survive the Altruist Project?

Tip: pay close attention to the light coming from the doorways of rooms when you first enter them. It’ll help you find more team-mates.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Altruist Project Here (Browser)