Alum – Alpha Demo


Alum is an well crafted old school point-and-click adventure reminiscent of Beneath a Steal Sky, that sees you uncovering the truth about ‘The Vague’ – a mysterious disease that makes those infected increasingly apathetic and disconnected from the world.

Even from the outset you’ll notice that the writing in Alum is particularly impressive, as your protagonist, Alum, describes his wifes contition.  She’s affliced with ‘The Vague’,and throughout the adventure you’ll uncover the truth about this mysterious illness, search a cure, and discover the truth about the city of Kosmos.

Alum really does hark back to the glory days of point and click adventures, drawing inspiration from the likes of Monkey Island and Quest for Glory to create a game with charming retro visuals, excellent audio, intuitive puzzle design, quirky humor and an epic storyline. Like any good mystery, the more of the truth you uncover, the more questions you’ll have, pushing you towards this grand quests promised epic conclusion.

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