Amber: A Quest in Torch Valley – Beta Demo

amber a quest in torch valley game

Amber: A Quest in Torch Valley is a beautiful isometric electropunk puzzle adventure game with RPG elements in which you set out on a quest to recover the last power source on a dying planet after it was stolen by your friend.

You play Flint, an orphan who was raised by an old master after being found abandoned in front of the library in Torch City.  This city is the last human city on a dying planet, that uses a tall spire, called ‘The Torch’ to keep darkness at bay.  Unfortunately, one day your best friend steals the city’s only power source and disappears, so you set out on a quest to find her and the power source ad bring them back.  This won’t be a walk in the park though – the darklands outside the city wall hide many ancient evils and dangers that you’ll have to deal with on your way.

The art style is simple and beautiful, and as you venture through its grid-based lands you’ll have to deal with puzzles to solve, monsters to face and traps to avoid, upgrading your equipment as you go.  Combat is present in the game, but not necessary – there are always safer alternatives to facing foes head-on, relying on stealth and wit rather than brute force.

Amber: A Quest in Torch Valley really is shaping up nicely – with gorgeous visuals, intelligent gameplay and a unique world that we can’t wait to explore more of.  Well worth shining a light on.

Check out the Game’s Greenlight page Here

Download the Amber: A Quest in Torch Valley: Beta Demo Here