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Amberskull is a very freaky VHS-era inspired first person survival horror anthology that plans to offer four very different environments and adventures that are each inhabited by a unique deadly monster – from killer fish to giant vampire bats.

The full game of Amberskull will feature four different little horror adventures that you access by selecting a horror movie-themed VCR tape from a table on the main hub area and sliding it into VCR player in front of you. The different adventures are titled “Ocean”, “Abandoned”, “Blizzard” and “The Forest”, and they all have very different themes that are linked by one crucial factor – they all feature grotesque monsters that want to kill you.

The current Alpha Demo build of Amberskull features features the VHS adventure dubbed ‘The Forest” and is a very tense, jump scare-filled affair in which you attempt to navigate a maze without letting your torch go out. There’s a horrific looking demon that stalks the forest that’s kept at bay by the light from your torch, but if you let your torch go out it will jump out from the darkness and consume you.

Your aim is to make your way through the maze-like game world, burning obstacles and lighting large pyres (which are effectively checkpoints that you can re-light your torch from) as you attempt to track down the creature’s lair. It’s a very creepy game, thanks to the fact that it’s very easy to get lost and that your torch only stays alight for a few seconds – leading to a constant fear of not being able to make it to a pyre in time before being jumped by the monster.

It’s still a work in progress but the current build of Amberskull really impresses with its tense atmosphere, jump scares, freaky monster design and interesting premise. The other three adventures hinted at in the trailer all look very creepy too, and all promise to each have a very different gameplay experience – we really can’t wait to get a hold of those other three video tapes!

Note: You’ll unlock a little bit of extra content once you complete The Forest

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