American Arcadia – Beta Demo

American Arcadia is a 2.5D Sci-Fi cinematic puzzle platforming adventure that blends first, second and third person perspectives.

In American Arcadia you follow the story of a poor unsuspecting office clerk called Trever, who’s unwittingly one of the stars of a Truman Show-esque reality TV show. It’s a show where any unpopular contestants are voted out and killed. Trevor isn’t very popular, so is up next on the chopping block, but thankfully he’s got a mysterious friend who’s going to help him escape.

The gameplay in American Arcadia takes two different forms and is viewed from three different perspectives. The main gameplay is Inside-esque 2.5D platforming which is viewed from third person and also second person through video camera feeds. The person viewing these camara feeds is Angela (Trevor’s mysterious helper). She can activate certain electrically powered objects seen in the video feeds to help Trevor and she can also explore her own environment and solve puzzles in first person.

The mixture of gameplay styles and perspectives in American Arcadia works incredibly well and allows for some very creative puzzle design. Meanwhile, the story is intriguing, the writing is witty and the voice acting is superb. Highly recommended.

Check Out An American Arcadia Gameplay Video Here

Download The American Arcadia Beta Demo Here (Steam)