America’s Retribution – Beta Download

America’s Retribution is an awesome Metal Slug-esque satirical side scrolling arcade shooter that sees Donald Trump taking to the streets shoot protesters, ISIS, Russians, CNN choppers and anyone else who’s standing in the way of him making America great again!

Drawing inspiration from arcade classics like Contra and Metal Slug, America’s Retribution sees you controlling President Donald J. Trump (and Mike Pence in multiplayer) as he battles terrorists, Liberals and ‘fake news’ using an assortment of high powered weaponry. The current build features one large level set in Washington D.C, with bomb-dropping CNN choppers circling the skies and protestors rioting in the streets. You run and gun your way through the area, blasting enemies, giving jobs to homeless people, collecting pro-life babies and using some wonderfully OTT special attacks (such as dropping nukes and a massive spiked wall).

It’s a hilarious game, but what’s interesting about America’s Retribution is that it doesn’t really feel particularly pro-Trump or anti-Trump. Those who are against Trump may see it as a great piece of satire, while Trump supporters may take it more literally, relishing the chance to clean up the streets with their President. Whatever side you’re on though it’s great fun, with challenging side scrolling arcade gameplay, lots of cool power-ups, great use of soundbites and some very funny little touches. A fabulous slice of old school action that looks set to make arcade gaming great again!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The America’s Retribution Beta Here (Windows & Mac)