Amigdala – Alpha Demo


Amigdala, a game being created by Nova VR, is a 3D psychological horror primarily being made for Virtual Reality kits (but still playable on standard screens). The game has a creepy atmosphere while throwing you into a dimly light, cold and wet pipe system under the snowy mountains.

You’re instantly thrown into action, no title screen as of yet, as the game takes you through its basic tutorial. Equipped with a lighter and torch you must survive the horrors that await you and uncover the truth of what went on down there. Not only does the atmosphere grip you, it sends a cold chill down your spine. The dripping water followed by slight howls and murmurs in the dark have you gripping the desk almost instantly. The aesthetics of the game are simply divine, with long darkened hallways with limited lighting fixtures around to help navigate the way. Soon the light from your torch dims and all you have left is your trusty lighter. This however doesn’t stop the overwhelming feeling that the walls, in an already claustrophobic setting, are getting closer with every step you take. This isn’t your only concern though, as ravenous creatures lurk in the darkness and roam the halls you have to pass through.

Amigdala will certainly surprise fans of indie horror titles without question. The game overall is absolutely stunning with the combination of an eerie ambience mashed together with the wonderfully dark and ominous surroundings that will leave you not only in awe at it’s captivating nature but will also leave you breathless in terror. Going through each corridor feels like an endless walk of unending darkness and your only relief from it are batteries that are hidden throughout the decrepit underground. Are you willing to find out what goes bump in the night?

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Download the Amigdala Demo Here (Non-VR Version)