Amira’s Blessing – Prototype Download

Amira’s Blessing is a beautifully drawn visual novel adventure about a young Hebrew boy who discovers he can travel back in time and change the past.

Taking place 20 years after Moses parted the Red Sea, Amira’s Blessing follows a 12 year old boy called Micah, who is on the cusp of becoming a man. His grandmother has tasked him with bringing in the sheep at night, but after being distracted while playing with his friend he forgets, with some dire consequences. Strangely though, he discovers he can travel through time and alter the past, not always for the best.

The current build of Amira’s Blessing is very much a prototype, with only the first 5-10 minutes of the game being fully illustrated and the rest being relayed via large walls of text. It shows a lot of promise though, with beautiful artwork and a poignant, spiritual journey that feels very much like you’re playing through an ancient parable. Be careful what decisions you make as this blessing could be a curse.

Download The Amira’s Blessing Prototype Here (Windows)