Ammo and Oxygen – Beta Demo

Ammo and Oxygen is a top-down Sci-Fi horror shooter with roguelike elements where you fight for survival on a deadly alien planet.

In Ammo and Oxygen you are stranded on Voidregula 6 – a planet that was in the first stages of terraforming and creating a human settlement. However, it seems that something has gone very wrong. Everyone’s dead and hostile aliens are everywhere. You’ll need to explore the planet, scavenge resources and battle aliens who mostly come at night…mostly.

It could do with beefier weapons and more of an impact when you shoot aliens, but it’s a promising game. It looks great (especially at night), there’s a real sense of danger and the aliens come in all shapes and sizes. Just try not to run out of Ammo and Oxygen!

Download The Ammo and Oxygen Beta Demo Here (Steam)