Among Ashes – Beta Demo

Among Ashes is a game within a game where you play a creepy (and entertainingly hokey) first person Resident Evil knock off someone posted on an internet forum.

Taking place on a stormy night in the early 2000’s, Among Ashes sees you sitting down at your desktop PC chatting to a friend on an Microsoft Messenger style chat client. He recommends you download a horror game he’s found on an internet forum called Night Call. It plays much like a first person Resident Evil game (and is about as cheesy as the original RE), but it’s not long until the horror starts to bleed into your real life…

The demo takes around 30 minutes to play through and is a fun little horror experience. The amateur charm of the forum-found RE knock-off is particularly enjoyable and the game within a game element is intriguing. It’ll certainly make you think twice next time you randomly download something from the internet!

Download The Among Ashes Beta Demo Here (Steam)