Amperage – Student Project Download

amperage game

Amperage is a unique electronic circuit-based puzzle game that tests your timing and your problem solving as you try to guide an electrical current from the source to the motor.

You control a small electrical charge, and must guide it through complex circuitboards while using precision timing to jump across nodes.  You only have a limited amount of charge, and will lose some every time you jump across nodes, but you’ll lose an even larger chunk of charge if you time the jump badly.  Starting off simply, the circuits soon get tougher – you’ll have to plan your path well, or there’s a high chance you’ll lose your way and fizzle out.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute, Amperage is a great piece of game design that blends complex circuit based puzzle solving with precision timing to great effect.  Electrifying stuff.

Download Amperage HERE (Windows Only)